I believe everyone is on an elevator Ride to Themselves. 

Please enjoy my poetry.

You start on the ground floor: the birth of yourself.  As you grow older you become a child. You have no understanding and play roles. This  is the first level.

The second level is transition. At this point you start asking questions. Who am I, where do I belong. Some people stay at this level through out their lifetime.

The final level is knowing and understanding yourself and the world around you. Here you can say "I am me" and proud of it.

The Ride to Yourself Poem is the basis for this site. I invite you to read it so you may understand the three levels. Please feel free to read my other  poetry and  look at the pictures. Leave comments if you like.

Thank you



All  poems are copyrighted under RKGRAF@2009. Any unauthorized copying of any means is strictly prohibited unless there is a written permission from the author: R K Graf